For as long as there has been a Free Trade Union there have been Trade Enforcement Squads, brave men and women whose primary function is to protect trade caravans during their long, gruelling journeys from settlement to settlement. Often they would face off against bandits and the more vicious wildlife that stalk the wastes, and would always be there to ensure that the tradesmen and women they guarded got the deal they wanted, when they wanted it.

During the Swarm War these souls where the only fighting force available to the Free Trade Union, though their numbers were relatively low and their skill unpolished. The Swarm ripped through them like paper, and very few survived to join the Aristoc Grand Armies when they came to the rescue.

It is not unusual to come across battle scarred men and women in the dive bars of the FTU claiming to be Pre-Swarm Trade Enforcers, but those who were there very rarely talk about the hardships of the War.