The purpose of a ref in LARP is to ensure that the players are not only following the rules, but to answer any questions they might have in regards to the rules. They are also equipped with a bead bag to help with any bead pulls that are needed to be undertaken in the event of IC medical or scientific events.

We at Dark Tempus believe that immersion is key and so have endeavoured to make the refs a part of the world, not only improving the game for the players but also allowing the crew to enjoy a new role playing experience.

In Character InformationEdit

Little is known about the world before the Burn, but one thing is clear; the Wanderers are relics of that idyllic time. Equipped with a vast knowledge of a wide range of subjects, the Wanderers travel the land with no obvious destination in mind.

Outwardly they are indistinguishable from a human, and many use large amounts of processing power in order to better integrate themselves into society. If one spends any amount of time speaking to a Wanderer it becomes obvious that they are mechanical in nature, however when destroyed or tampered with they seem to ‘dissolve’, leaving behind no usable components.

To keep their processers performing at optimal capacity they do not retain any information for any longer than a ninety year period, other than software and information insalled at their creation.