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‘Swarm’ is an umbrella term applied by the survivors of the War to the range of twisted and aggressive creatures that so nearly finished off humanities extinction after the Burn. Over the course of the War a number of different strains of Swarm were identified, classified, and had tactics developed in order to combat them. But these strains, while undoubtedly the most obvious and threatening manifestation of the danger the Swarm represents, are just the tip of the iceberg.What is instantly obvious to anyone unfortunate enough to encounter elements of the Swarm is that whatever the creature is, it used to be something else. The most common ‘creature’ encountered is the Blight Corpse ; little more than a reanimated body of some poor unfortunate killed by the Swarm, and now repurposed with some semblance of intelligence in order to butcher more, and increase the ranks of the Swarm.Precious little resources were devoted to the investigation of the Swarm during the war, the focus of people being firmly devoted to survival, so the mechanism for this transformation remains conjecture at best. What is known is that the Swarm affects all life, not just humans; mutated, twisted plants and animals have been, and are still being, encountered in the Swarm devastation zone.

List of Known SwarmEdit

Blight Corpse