To be a Seer is to be a mutant. Like all mutants there are places where Seers are persecuted, but unlike other mutants there are also places where they are revered and many more where they are seen as useful. Regardless of their origins all Seers have a touch of Otherwhere about them, and some say that Seers have more in common with each other that they do any ‘normals’ they work with.

During the Swarm War the Seers ability to communicate with others of their kind over distance was used to co-ordinate the Allied Army. Since then there have been ever increasing rumours of something affecting the Seers; Dreams and visions, voices... Something is beginning, and it is beginning with the Seers.

Skill IC Description

"It was like his flesh was water, damnest thing I ever saw!"

The Seer can force flesh to knit back together, but at a price. The target recovers 1 hit but the toll taken on the Seers body and psyche is such that they find themselves unable to perform anything but the most basic tasks, and often have difficulty even thinking clearly. For ten minutes after using this skill the character is unable to use any skills (including combat skills). They are suffering from extreme fatigue and should role play as such.
Communication "First we knew the Seer was kicking up a holy storm. She was linked to the Seer at Blitz Hollow. She saw the attack through his eyes. By the time we got there... well, we just burned the place down. No one was going to want to live there after that." Seers with this gift can link to each other seemingly regardless of distance. You may be contacted by refs with information of the wider world...
Find "You bring me a map, some friends, and some guns... I'll make you rich." After focusing the Seer may get a feel for something nearby. This could be a person, a resource, technology... Results are not guaranteed, but could be very lucrative.
Warning "They're coming... They're coming out of the God-damn woods!" Notoriously unreliable, but you might just get a warning that saves your life (or others!). A ref may contact you about forthcoming events, and details may vary.

A Seer might be the respected Wise Woman who guides the Tribe, or the mutant hiding their abilities. The way society has responded to them will govern their attitude to others, but all Seers are to some extent... quirky.

Inspiration for Seers may come from the Bene Gesserit of Dune, the Pre-cogs of Minority Report, Merlin, or River Tam from Firefly.