Scavengers are the ultimate survivors. Self sufficient and self reliant, Scavengers are usually welcomed wherever they go for the opportunities of trade, news, and gossip, and because its rare to find a settlement that couldn’t use a competent extra hand. However, they are rarely trusted for being outsiders, unknown elements... and who really knows what they do to survive out in the wilderness?

Those who follow the path of the Scavenger exist on the fringes of civilisation, ready to move on at a moment’s notice, trusting only themselves and few others, looking for the next find, next job, that will keep them going.

Skill IC Description OC Effect
Scavenge Materials Your wanderings in the wilderness, away from civilisation, have yeilded some valuable finds... You will be given three random resources before the start of play. Use them as you wish...
Use Bolt Action Firearm "The world is filled with violence. Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens also have guns. Otherwise they will win and the decent people will lose!" You may use any firearm that requires each shot to be primed manually.
Use Bow "Sometimes the best weapon is the quiet one, that you make your own amminition for..." You can use a LARP safe bow or crossbow. The character is assumed to be able to craft replacement arrows as they need.
Use Throwing Item "When they ran out of bullets, they used knives... When they ran out of knives, they used sticks and stones..." You may use any LARP safe throwing items.

The Scavenger skills reflect a character that has spent most of their life away from civilisation. These characters are survivors, learning to rely on themselves or their close comrades. Inspiration may come from characters such as Billy from Predator, Rangers from The Lord of the Rings, Eli from The Book of Eli or Robert Neville from I Am Legend.