People get hurt. Sometime a lot. When they do, they want someone to fix them back up. Decent Medics can pretty much write their own ticket in most settlements, and good clinics will be known for many weeks travel around. Combat Medics accompanying their companions into battle and carrying them out if needs be; crotchety old doctors, set in their ways and viewing their patients as an inconvenience to their valuable time; young and ambitious surgeons seizing their future in the gizzards of the unfortunate... A Medic can present themselves in many different ways.

Skill IC Description OC Effect
Medic "Hang on in there. The bullet is lodged int the bone. Bite down, this will hurt..." A character with the Medic skill is capable, with appropriate role-play, to raise another character from 0 to positive hits, stopping at the characters starting hits. This takes five minutes of said appropriate role-play and a bead pull.
Surgeon "I got the bill for my surgery. Now I know what those doctors wear masks for..." A character with the Surgeon skill is capable, with appropriate role-play, to raise another character from negative hits to 0. A character who has undergone surgery has their Death Count stopped unless they recieve new wounds, and is concious at 0 hits. However, they cannot perform any physical actions other than speak and move around with assistance.

Medics seem fairly self explanatory, but their range of skills mean they should be far from a one trick character, in fact we recommend healing to be a group activity for maximum effectiveness. Inspiration for Medics could come from Dr Greg House from House, Wade from Saving Private Ryan, Clemens from Alien 3 or Victor Frankenstein from Frankenstein