The North (The Wilds)Edit

To the north of the settled lands lies Newtown, right on the edge of the unexplored Wilds. The Barrier Mountains and the Bone Ridges form a natural wall, helping to prevent the Swarm from overwhelming the settled lands. In between the Barrier Mountains and the Bone Ridges there is an opening, allowing for an easy to travel passage into the uncharted territories. Of course, while the going may be easy the road is fraught with more leathal dangers...

The South (The Great Plains)Edit

The Falket's 'home', the Great Plains, lies to the south. The land is a featureless tundra, broken occasionally by small camps often near pools of standing water. 

The East (The Restoria Matriarchy)Edit

The Restoria Matriarchy make their home to the east. The terrain here is hilly, with many pockets of stunted woodland.

The West (The Aristoc Territories)Edit

The west is full of the ruins of past settlements, some pre-Burn, a few pre-Swarm, all showing signs of industrialisation. The ground is largely flat, and very few signs of nature prevale. 

The Centre (The Free Trade Union)Edit

The mountain that houses Sanc can be seen for miles around, from the Great Planes to the FTU settlement of New Hope. The lands of the Free Trade Union are of mixed terrain, bleeding in seemlessly with the surrounding areas.