Star Fall is the unofficial capital of the Free Trade Union. By far the biggest and most powerful settlement, it is built around what is believed to have once been a mighty war ship that sailed the stars. In the early days of the FTU Star Fall was a gold mine for traders, but with almost everything of value now long gone it imports much more than it exports. However it is still the home of all of the major organisations and corporations that operate in the FTU, making it the most heavily defended and crime ridden of areas. Policed by gangs that operate to the highest bidder, and who are only contested by rival gangs and a few brave Peacekeeper Messengers, real justice is hard to come by and bystanders are killed with so much regularity it is simply a way of life for the inhabitants. Star Fall is also the home of FTU Radio, who use the ship’s communication beacon to broadcast.


Star Fall’s politics are as complex as the settlement itself. The settlement is “governed” by the Board of Directors, made out of the most powerful organisations and corporations around. The Board changes often due to outbreaks of “sudden death syndrome”, which only ever seems to affect the Directors.  Like most things in Star Fall, the will of the Board is enforced by out sourcing to the gangs. Even the most reasonable and kind directives normally end up being enforced brutally. The organisations that make up the Board are varied in nature and operations. Some have elections from their employers and some are family run.


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