At face value the Matriarchy endured the war best. While they sent troops and materiel to the Alliance Army it was only a fraction of their strength, the majority of which was kept back guarding the Matriarchy’s settlements. This turned out to be a double edged sword for the Matriarchy as, while they lost the fewest people during the war, the gesture of support for the Alliance was returned with a token effort in defending them. The Alliance Army did little to draw Swarm elements from the East before the Battle of Caldera, and subsequently areas around Matriarchy holdings are the most Swarm infested today. Travel and trade within the Matriarchy is conducted with large armed escorts, or by the terminally overconfident. Yet the Matriarchy does not lack for soldiers and feel that now, while others are weakened, may be the time to bring the Message of Restoria to the Godless. 

List of Restoria Matriarchy SettlementsEdit


Goddess’s Rest

New Reach

Wood Wind

Wounded Mother