Before the Swarm War, the Free Trade Union was seen as strong and growing in power. Independent settlements had been joining the expanding Union at an increasing rate. But in the face of the Swarm Trade Enforcement Squads, that had been so capable of protecting trade caravans and punishing smugglers, were simply washed away. The FTU is a broken and splintered group, desperately trying to rebuild its strength before the vultures of the Matriarchy or Aristoc begin circling. With over half its pre-war population dead or gone, it has a hard task ahead.

List of Free Trade Union SettlementsEdit

Blitz Hollow (Destroyed during the Swarm War)

Caldera (Destroyed in The Battle of Caldera)





New Hope


Old Mine

Shacksville (Destroyed in The Fall of Shacksville and subsiquently rebuilt)

Star Fall