The Aristoc became the foundation for the Alliance Army, and whatever view one might hold of the Aristoc in general, it is not wise to insult the memory of General Dunehill to a veteran of Caldera, regardless of their culture. Once looked upon as something of a threatening presence, with their rigid society and unnatural leaders, the Aristoc, or at least its soldiers, have become something like heroes in many places, but the reputation has come at a price. The First Grand Army wiped out to a man, the second and third suffering so many casualties as to barely make one Grand Army between them. But their sacrifice preserved much of the Aristoc’s lands and infrastructure – much needed in the aftermath of the Swarm. The Aristoc are becoming the breadbasket of the world, and their goods are finding new markets in the devastation of the FTU. The Aristoc may be poised to make great gains in the wake of the Swarm, if their own intrigue and politics will allow it...

List of Aristoc SettlementsEdit


The Aristoc territories.