All ranged weapons, except bows and thrown weapons, ignore armour. The projectile must hit the target to cause damage.

Name Description Physrep Requirements
Bow A bow or crossbow. A bow with a maximum draw of 30 pounds, to be used with LARP safe arrows.
Thrown Weapons Knives, bricks, rocks, etc. Any form of coreless LARP safe thrown weapon.
Single Shot Firearm Derringers, single shot rifles, shotguns, etc. foam disc/dart shooting gun that requires each shot to be loaded individually.
Bolt Action Firearm Repeater rifles, pump action shotguns, etc. A foam disc/dart shooting gun that contains more than one shot. Each shot must be chambered by the shooter individually.
Automatic Firearm Machine guns, automatic rifles, etc. foam disc/dart shooting gun that uses a power source to reload without the shooters input.