A patient cannot receive the same drug twice during the same treatment, but can take two different drugs and have their effects stack together. For example, an injured patient is given Relief and Shield for +2 white beads in the bag before treatment starts.

Name Description Death Count Effect Treatment Effect
Slow Slow slows the metabolism down to a deep coma-like state, preserving vital functions and organs. Increase current Death Count by 15 minutes. +1 Red Bead
Quicken Quicken massively increases the body's healing; fissures knitting back together at an astounding rate. Death Count continues unaffected.

Gain 1 hit immediately

+2 Red Beads

Relief Relief acts as a painkiller. Death Count continues unaffected. +1 White Bead
Calm Calm is a multipurpose trauma support and painkiller. Doubles Death Count on all levels. +2 White Beads
Shield Shield is a broad spectrum anti-illness drug that reduces complications during and after surgery. Death Count continues unaffected. +1 White Bead


Name Description Death Count Effect Treatment Effect Skill to be Used With
Bandages Pressure pads, bandages, clamps and glue can all be used by a First Aider to slow the worsening of a patient's condition. Death Count timer is doubled from 5 minutes per level to 10 minutes per level. The First Aider must continue to treat the patient or this bonus is lost. N/A First Aid
Trauma Treatment A fluid drip, clamps to stop internal bleeding, and bandaged surface wounds mean that the patient's deterioration is halted for now, but movement will tear open the wounds to disaterous effect. Death Count is stopped for as long as the patient remains stationary. The First Aider may leave the patient and this bonus will remain in effect. If the patient moves or is moved from their current position, they immediately lose 1 hit and the Death Count resumes. First Aid
Medical Kit Needles, sutures, powders and potions; all the doctor needs! N/A

+1 White Bead

Note: This item represents use of disposable supplies.

Vat Tissue Artificial tissue that bonds to the patient's and provides a support medium for the body to heal. N/A +3 White Beads Medic
Sterilising Solution A powder dissolved in water that cleans surgical equipment and reduces infection. N/A +1 White Bead Surgery
Shock Pads Sometimes even the best doctors lose people on the table, but some doctors aren't willing to give up so easily. Shock pads are a last minute attempt to restart the patients vital functions. N/A

Shock pads are to be applied immediately (realistically within one minute, allowing leeway for role-play) on a characters death (passing the negative of their starting hits).

Immediately grant +1 hit

+5 Red Beads

Note: Shock pads cannot be used on a character who has been executed.