Frederic, in his role as Newtown's Mayor. May he rest in peace.

"A hard working, honest man of the people and Free Trade Union Representative has been struck down in his prime. Mayor Frederic, who donated generously to this newspaper, died in very suspicious circumstances and we suspect that the outsiders had a hand to play in it. One witness told us: "it was horrible, he was such a generous man but they dragged him bloody from a building and then he was kicked and had his throat slit by a stranger, who will run all of his orphanages now?" So thanks to the outsiders orphanages will close leavi

ng poor innocent children without a home. And we have now been told, to replace Frederic's great leadership the outsiders have set up a council to run our great town! How dare they! We urge all free citizens to take up arms and go to Newtown to take it back from the horde! We cannot let these crimes go unpunished. Did you know Mayor Frederic or did you witness the unspeakable act of violence? If so get in touch."

-Excerpt from The Flinton News

Life WorkEdit

Before being appointed the Mayor of Newtown, it is reported that Frederic did a lot of work in helping the children of the Free Trade Union that were orphaned as a result of the Swarm War. It is not clear in what capacity he helped these children or where the locations of the 'Orphan Villages' he set up are. Some less than reputable sources have gone so far as to say that these Orphan Villages are, in fact, work camps in and around the Craterville area.

Frederic was apparently employed by the Starfall Board of Directors to bring 'a civilised touch' to Newtown, and to help in its initial reopening. Upon his suspicious death the governing of the town was changed to a Council. It is yet to be seen if they will undo all of his hard work.


There has been speculation that the death of Mayor Frederic was at the hands of the Aristoc, though specific details are vague. The Flinton News reported that the murder was gruesome, though no credible witnesses have come forward to Peacekeeper authorities with information or leads in regards to this.