Major Eli 'Grey' Barrett (age 45) is one of the most senior ranking officials in the Peacekeeper Corp. He has recently abandoned Sanc after hearing of the murder and bodily mutilation of his younger brother, Lt. Ryan 'Gunny' Barrett.


Eli is one of only two brothers in the Barrett family, the other being Ryan Barrett (deceased). Both brothers never knew their father, who disappeared during the Pre-Swarm War. The two brothers were raised solely by their mother, who died when Ryan was 8 and Eli was 16. Both brothers then drafted themselves into the Sanc Security Forces as soon as they were able, with Eli swiftly climbing in rank. Ryan however was interested in other things, namely finding his father. 


Both brothers fought side by side during the Pre-Swarm War as part of the Sanc Security Forces, however when it came to the Swarm WarRyan refused to return to Sanc as he felt this was his only opportunity to find their father. He became a Peacekeeper Messenger, along with a handful of other officers whom also wished to stay behind. Eli never came to terms with this, and kept in constant contact with Ryan through FTU messengers

Upon hearing of his brothers death, Eli immediatly volunteered to be sent out with the next unit of Peacekeeper Messengers, with the intention find out what had happened to his brother and avenge him. Eli quickly came across Dead Echo Squad, and now leads the squad as senior officer and is still fighting, constantly battling a unquenchable vengence...