Lieutenant Ryan "Gunny" Barrett (age 37 - Deceased) was the younger of the Barrett brothers, and 2nd in command of the renowned Peacekeeper unit, Dead Echo Squad .


Ryan grew up not knowing his father after he failed to return from a mission under the command of the Sanc Security Forces. Ryan never accepted the loss of his father, and unlike his brother Eli, used it as his motivation to join the Sanc Security Forces when he came of age.


Ryan became a very skilled officer, however he never rose above the rank of Lieutenant, as this ensured he would remain mission worthy, and would allow him to search for his father. When the Sanc was closing their doors due to the Swarm war , Ryan refused to return as it would mean he would never find his father. He became one of the first messengers, and continued the search for his father right up until his death.


Ryan was killed by the Swarm while searching for his father in the Free Trade Union town, Newtown.