Have you ever sat at home and played a modern day RPG computer game, and wished you could BE there, rather than just play it? LARP stands for Live Action Role-Play. To us at Dark Tempus, LARP is the creation of a world. Our aim is to create a game that follows the lives of a portion of the worlds society, to see how they act in situations thrown at them, give them goals to achieve within the Post-Burn world, and watch as they strive to create a better life for themselves. It is your job, as the player, to create a member of that society, and to become them as they face the harsh realities of their life in Newtown. It's up to you to make the decisions. Dark Tempus does not have the linier story-line of a computer game; the actions of the players can completely shape the world their character lives in. We believe that LARP means live action ROLE play, not RULE play. We believe that a character develops from actions taken in up time, not down time, and that the character develops from their interactions and deeds, not in getting EXP.