During the Swarm War it became apparent to many of the people out on the front lines that their comrades would, after a time, rise from the places they had fallen and join the hoards of creatures on the other side of the fight.

Eventually it became common practice for the Falket to nominate one member of each tribe to go out with the sole purpose of completely obliterating the corpses of those who had lost their lives during battles. Naturally, when news of this practice reached settlements it was looked upon in great anger. How dare these outsiders completely remove any chance of their deceased loved ones coming home?! The concept of the corpses reanimating was all but laughed at, and the perception of the Falket fell into disdain. The danger and thus heroisms of these acts – this position – was completely disregarded by almost all of those who did not see a battle first hand.

The identities of those who held the position of Final Man or Final Woman are a closely kept secret, though often when in the company of other veterans of the War they will confirm what their duties involved, and almost with no exception will be met with nothing but respect.