Dumptown is widely considered to be one of the worst places to live, but as a spokesperson for the Mayor told FTU Radio, “We ain’t Shacksville”. Dumptown can be described simply by its name, but a name alone can’t prepare anyone for the stench. Trash of all kinds can be found here, from plain old scrap metal to bio-hazardous waste. Mutation is common in Dumptown, with almost half the population affected in some way. The economy of Dumptown mostly revolves around scrap and they need to sell lots of it to maintain the high levels of import the town needs to survive. ==Politics== Dumptown runs a raffle every month to decide on who will be the Mayor. The term limit is so short to insure no one person is able to hold too much power for long enough to do something with it. This system, some say, is why Dumptown has never become Boontown.Everyone who has lived in Dumptown for at least a week is entered into the raffle, the person unlucky enough to be elected must first take the Town Bath. This symbolises they are clean and have nothing to hide. Later they address the town with what they plan to do in there term of office... traditionally the less they say the better the town react, evident in Montgomery Dent’s speech “no thanks, not for me”, when the town erupted in spontaneous celebration, leading to eight deaths.==Population==

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