Colonel R. Lee Murphy is one of the most feared officers in the Peacekeeper corp, due to his fiery attitude, short temper and colourful language.


For the best part of 25 years, Murphy has been training and molding Peacekeeper recruits to the highest standard, ensuring the survival of the squads for years to come. Murphy oversaw the training of Ryan 'Gunny' Barrett, and took his death especially hard. 

Murphy found himself outside the Sanc after a horrible training exercise accident. Murphy took a squad of new recruits from the main battalion, and headed off for maneuvers. Murphy's group maintained radio silence to keep the the recruits on their toes. When the squad returned 3 days later, they found the battalion massacred by Swarm. Murphy shortly realised that they too would be filed as KIA with the rest of the battalion, so took the recurits and headed to the nearest town, Newtown. Along the way, the band of recruits, later to be known as Murphy's Misfits, helped out those in need along the way, suffering casualties as they went.

Dead Echo CommandEdit

With the remnants of Murphy's Misfits, Murphy took command of the remaining members of Dead Echo Squad , merging the 2 groups together.