Dark Tempus Events

Welcome To Newtown

Welcome to Newtown, a poster produced to advertise the first Dark Tempus Event in 2013

"Dark Tempus is set in Newtown. Massacred and abandoned at the start of the 'Swarm war, Newtown' is now ' being resettled. There are no laws, no government, no leadership, and no social structure of any kind... until the players make one.  It will be up to you how Newtown works. Are you going to attempt to be a tyrant, or set up a voting system for a council? Will you start a tax system for free medical care, or will you become the richest person in Newtown with 'Newtown Medical Inc.'? Will Newtown be a bastion of hope, or the biggest predator out there?

This is your world. How are you going to run it?"


Dark Tempus is a player driven LARP system that takes players into a post-apocalyptic world were, not only do they have to fight for their lives against the Swarm, they must create a functioning society and help one another overcome the challenges of everyday living.

The Team


Dark Tempus logo circa 2012

"No one is sure how long it has been since the Burn. Long enough that much of what came before has been obscured by time and nature.

The countless years after the Burn became known as the Dark Time, generations spent in a bitter struggle for survival in the ruins of the world that was. The old roads that crisscrossed the land gradually fell into disrepair; cities, broken by vine and tree; and man’s space born creations one by one began to plummet to a fiery end.

It was out of this darkness a new world was born."

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The Dark Tempus logo circa 2013

In February of 2012 some of us where having a conversation about what we like and what we dislike in a LARP game. After many hours of discussion we came to the conclusion that it was no use merely talking about it… we should make the LARP we would love to play.

In the passing weeks and months Dark Tempus began to form, and while the team has grown, and the game has evolved in its development, our core values that we laid out on that cold February evening, have never changed.

Over many years of LARPing we have grown a strong love for the game in all of its incarnations, and intend to stop at nothing to deliver the very best we can.

Dark Tempus Development Team Members

Craig Goodall

Rachel Hignett

Richard McBride

Sarah Leahey

Simon Mcbride

Stephen Maddison