Its easy to think of the Cultures as monolithic blocks, such as factions or nations, but this is far from true. A character’s culture determines the social environment they were brought up in. This might foster a sense of loyalty and allegiance to this group, it might not. There is no requirement that a character identify with their culture, no expectation that they always agree with any agenda that they may have. The cultures presented here are designed as starting points to build characters from, not absolute restraints on player creativity. It is worth stating, however, that characters who identify closely with a particular culture might find it easier to access 'culture' related plot.The North is a hostile place, and if Newtown is to survive and thrive its people must work together. It faces the threat of the Swarm; it faces opportunistic bandits, and rogue traders, and competition from other FTU settlements to name but a few. An all-out culture war would only divide and weaken Newtown.

List of Cultures:Edit

The Free Trade Union

The Falket Tribes

The Peacekeepers

The Restoria Matriarchy

The Aristoc