Craterville, the dust bowl of the FTU, is as the name would suggest built in a crater. It is believed by some to be the site of a tremendous detonation that occurred during the Burn. The locals have developed a mythology around it; it is said that it is the resting place of a higher being, and if found it will bring immense power to all mutants. There are rumours that the Restoria Matriarchy have an interest in Craterville and the Cult of Gaia have operatives keeping a close watch on the settlement.  The population of Craterville are mostly engaged in digging, but not for resources or riches... they are searching for this power. Non-mutants are used as slaves for the digging and the settlement often sends out raids to gather more. The self proclaimed King of Craterville, King “Scar”, is obsessed with the search and the dig, and has never been seen outside of the settlement, but the few who have escaped slavery within Craterville describe him as horribly mutated, cruel, vindictive and full of hate.


Every aspect of Craterville is run by King Scar, a heavily mutated man with an obsession for power. His word is law and it is enforced by a ruthless well trained militia of mutants.


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