Name Description Physrep Requirements
Close Combat Weapon less than 18" in Length Any sort of small dagger/hammer/axe etc. A LARP safe physrep with a total length of 18" or less.
Close Combat Weapon over 18" in Length A single or double handed weapon such as a sword, mace, pipe, battle axe, non-stab safe spear, or plank with nails in it. A LARP safe physrep with a minimum length of 18" and a maximum length determined by whatever the player is compensating for.
Spear A stabbing weapon, ranging in size from a short pilum to a long pike. A LARP stab-safe spear.
Rending Weapon A motorised weapon of many cutting teeth on a chain. When powered the chain rotates at a great speed. The physrep must reflect the 'chain' aspect of the weapon, but can be any size from a small knife to a full chainsaw. It also must be LARP safe.
Monoblade Weapon A bladed weapon with an internal power source that somehow keeps the weapon 'sharp'. Monoblade weapons are Pre-Burn artefacts and thus nobody knows how they work or how to construct them. The physrep must have a light source. A recommended minimum is a glowstick tied to the handle. It also must be LARP safe.
Impact Weapon A weapon, usually a hammer or a mace, with an electric generator that creates a massive charge that is released on impact, stunning and knocking over opponents. A LARP safe weapon with 'mechanical' components.