Remember that all characters on creation start with 2 Hits and everything in the Free Skills section. It is possible to drop one or more of these Free Skills, but this does not allow you to choose something else in its place. Building your character takes four steps:

1. Choose your culture:

There are five cultures to choose from. The culture your character originates from is purely a role-play/stylistic decision, and does not affect the rules in any way.

The cultures are as follows:

The Restoria Matriarchy

The Aristoc

The Falket Tribes

The Peacekeepers

The Free Trade Union

2. Choose your Pathway (if any)

There are 5 pathways that represent different ways in which your character may have made their living. Each pathway has unique skills, and a character can only access a single pathway at a time.

The pathways are as follows: 







3. Choose your skills

A Character may select four skills. These can be from the general skills, Mutations, and your chosen pathway. You can only duplicate a skill if it appears twice in your available skill lists.

4. Choose your Equipment

Your character will receive 100 credits at creation to spend on starting equipment such as weapons, armour, ammunition, etc. Any items that do not have an entry in the equipment lists (e.g. clothes) are free. Any credits you have remaining will be given to you at the start of the event to be spent during play.