Out of Character CallsEdit

Out of character calls at Dark Tempus are there for everyone’s safety, and should only be used in an emergency such as an injury or if someone’s glasses have fallen off. 

Call Name Call Effect
Man Down A call of 'man down' means that all players must immediately stop what they are doing and stand still.
Time In/ Time Out

'Time in' means that play has begun, and players should respond to any events as their character.

'Time out' means that play has ceased and no further IC actions should be taken

In Character CallsEdit

In character calls are used if an item/character has a special ability, for example:Titius Daniels has a chain sword, and he hits Dr Stevens with it. In this situation Titius would call “Rend”. 

Call Name Call Effect
Rend A call of 'Rend' causes the item that is hit to be destroyed. If the call is made against an unarmoured opponent their hits drop to 0.
Through A 'Through' call ignores armour or shields to damage the charater directly.
Strike Down A character hit by a 'Strike Down' to their body or items they are holding must fall to the ground sao their torso is in contact with the floor for 10 seconds.
Grenade! The call 'Grenade', in conjunction with an appropriate physrep, means that every character within 30' has their hits reduced to 0, unless they immediately lie prone on the floor. If they are prone in time they recieve 1 hit that can be absorbed by armour.

This call results in the player being serverely disorientated for 1 minute. Appropriate role-play could include staggering around, falling over, deafness, blurred vision, and vomiting.

A player with the Bioelectric mutation may call 'Stun' while touching another player, an enemy, a chargable weapon or battery, or item made of a conducting material, allowing them to release an electrical charge. In this instance, the call can only be used once every 6 hours, and usage cannot be stacked.

Execute Players may execute a character once they are on 0 hits or less. 5 seconds minimum role-play (stabbing, cutting throat, etc) or expending 1 round of ammunition (shot in the head/heart etc) wth a call of 'Execute' will kill the character.